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Energy Acq. Rate: 
Offspring Cost: 
Age (updates): 
Size (# of organisms): 
Avg. Fitness: 
Avg. Energy Acq. Rate: 
Avg. Offspring Cost: 
Avg. Age (updates): 
# Ancestor(s) at start: 
# of viable organisms: 

Dish Size:   x   cells 
Per Site Mutation Rate: %
Ancestral Organism(s):
Place Offspring:               
Easy (x2)
Moderate (x4)
Hard (x8)
Very hard (x16)
Brutal (x32)
Pause Run at Update: 

Would you like to save before loading another workspace?

For Mac users

Press the combination [command][shift][4] and use your cursor to select the part of the screen desired. A png file will be saved to the desktop with a name of the form:
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 3.34.36 PM.png

For PC users

Use Snipping Tool: It is in the Accessories Folder or you can Type "Snip" in the 'search programs and files' field once your hit the 'start button'. Hold and drag the cursor around the area you want to capture. SnippingTool will then allow you to save as a png, gif, jpg or single file html.

For working where there is no internet access

Configuration saves the experiment settings only.

Population saves organisms and experiment history.

Configured Dish saves the experiment settings only.

Populated Dish saves organisms and experiment history.

Per Site Mutation Rate: %

Repeatability Mode:

Please drag an organism from the freezer into the settings panel or the petri dish.

An educational artificial life plateform developed at Michigan State University for
learning evolution and the nature of science using digital organisms.

Avida-ED 3.3.5

Developed under NSF Grant #0341484,
Cooperative Agreement DBI-093945 and
Howard Hughes Medical Institute HHMI #52008102

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