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• Introductory video tutorial

This screencast video gives an brief overview of basic control functions in Avida-ED 3.0 beta, seen running in Chrome. The release version of Avida-ED 3.2 may have slight differences.

This older screencast video uses the MacOS version of Avida-ED 1.0. The controls are the same in the PC version, though with Windows styling. Avida-ED 2.0 has a few minor differences in the controls, but these should be self-explanatory.

Instructor FAQs

Answers to questions most frequently asked by instructors.

Student FAQs

Answers to questions most frequently asked by students.

• Submit a bug report

Please help us improve Avida-ED by letting us know about any problems. Give us as detailed a description as you can of the problem. A screenshot is often helpful. Also, please specify your operating system and which version of Avida-ED you are using. Send bug reports to our development team.