Avida-ED Application

Web Hosted

Hints and Suggestions

  • Change font size: using on a Mac <command> <+> and <command> <->
  • Change font size: using on a PC <control> <+> and <control> <->

Works Best In

  • Firefox 46.0.1 and later
  • Google Chrome 51.0.2704.84 and later

Downloadable Versions

For working where there is no internet access

  • Avida-ED 3.3.5 for Mac OS 10.6 and above
    • Unzip the file once it is downloaded
    • Move the file ‘Avida-ED Web.app’ to the Applications Folder
    • . . . Your Mac will complain that the file is from an unknown source, so you will have to approve opening it before use
  • Avida-ED 3.3.5 Windows
    • Steps to install and use the Avida-ED 3.3.5 as a standalone
      1. Download the Windows installer executable to local media to share.
      2. On the Windows machine, run the installer
        (from windows explorer or in a command prompt).
      3. The installer creates a directory on drive C: by default to hold the needed files and web server executable.
      4. The installer will launch the web server by default –
      5. Windows or a third-party antivirus program may pop up a dialog asking about allowing access.
        • Grant permission to run on private networks.
          (check private networks and uncheck public networks)
      6. Open a web browser and create a tab where Avida-ED will run.
      7. Visit this URL: http://localhost:8000/AvidaEd.html
      8. The application should load (this takes about 10 seconds on a fast machine, and will take longer on slower devices).
      9. Once the splash screen clears, the application is ready to use.
    • To run Avida-ED locally in the future:
      • Launch ‘winserver.exe’ in the Avida-ED standalone version directory.
        (from windows explorer or in a command prompt).
      • repeat steps 5 thru 9 above

Known Problems

  • Safari
    • Version 12.0.2 – problems loading
    • Version 12.0.3 – loads and runs fine
  • Internet Explorer 11
    • Fails to Load